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So my dealership messed up my tires (kinda in my favor though).

Story behind this, in May of 07 when i got my Si, i wanted the Exalto Summer Tire package but it seemed pricey plus i would have to wait for a custom order from Honda (back when Si coupes were hard to find) because the dealer didn't do it. so i passed on that option. Now my cars tires always felt like crap and in the rain they were terrible and overall driving in the rain was bad. I just figured because the stock tires had terrible ratings that was why my handling sucked. Well i was washing my car last week and spending some extra time on the wheels to clean off all the road salt and grime from the last snow fall in PA. Thats when i noticed that on my front right was "Pilot Exalto". i was thinking wtf and i looked at all my other tires and they were the regular all seasons. So it took me a almost 2 years to notice but somehow my dealer gave my 3 all season tires and 1 high performance summer tire. I have never noticed before, even though i have rotated my tires my self. anyways the exalto is now on the rear and my driving in the rain seems better (in the sense that i don't set off VSA every time i start moving from a stop).

Anyone else with an experience like this?
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