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Okay, here is the story...
I ordered a 2006 galaxy grey civic EX with navigation for about 21k out the door. This was October 26th I am still waiting today and just got my VIN a couple days ago. Long story short they first gave a deadline of December then called and moved it to "middle of Jan." obviously it is past this date and the car still needs to ship from Canada. Iv'e been cool with it until...

Sent an e-mail saying I'm interested in foglights being included. This is what I said...

Hey ****,
I am interested in getting the factory fog lights through you. Before I came to you at Muller I had an offer from Rosen for the same price with the fog lights, but my father told me to check you guys out first since he knew Mr. *******. I would appreciate if you would honor the same deal with the fog lights being included in price we have already set.
I would also like to mention that although Muller has missed the original deadline twice and I'm starting to feel like I have been waiting a long time for this car, the fact that you have been keeping me up to date on all progress has kept me with you. I think if you car put this deal together for me we will have a good standing relationship in which I will feel comfortable letting my friends, family, and customers know how good of a deal I got.Thanks.

This is what he wrote back (I think he took my e-mail as an insult.)

**** here, thank you very much for your response. However I personally feel that we delivered what we promised. We are honoring the same price for the car, and most of all we did get you the car you wanted (color, equipment, etc.). So if you think that the deal we agreed upon would prevent us from good standing relationship, we will refund your deposit and make the Civic available for sale. Talk to you soon.

Needless to say I feel a little insulted and in no way did I try to insult him. They gave me a decent deal (not spectacular, but good.) and I was just being a good consumer and asking for a little something extra because Iv'e been waiting for about 4 MONTHS! am I the one in the wrong here?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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