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19,500 with nav and fogs out the door? C'mon guys.

SSlick406 - He's in a power situation. He knows you've been waiting, and the car will arive. He also knows he can put the car up for sale and have no problem selling it for probably more than what you guys agreed upon. If you can get that deal with fogs at another dealer - go get it. I'm just guessing you'll have to wait longer on getting it.

There are so many people on a waiting list near me it's not even funny. The next SI to arrive is scheduled for 3+ months from now at my closest dealership (charging msrp on all SI's - no lower).

I wouldn't take it as a big insult. He's basically being a dealer. He knows you want the car, and he doesn't have to offer you any more incentives. If you don't want it - he has others I'm sure that are willing to pay for it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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