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We got lucky!! These headers are hard to come by and we were able to get out hands on 4 of them. They are priced to move. DC Sports makes one of the most affordable headers on the market. These headers are really good for the entry level Si that just needs some extra bolt on power. For the price and horsepower gains, you can't beat this header.

Back when I was doing installs and dynos, these headers made about 11hp on average with the STOCK exhaust. We saw a increase of about 15-16 with catbacks and no torque loss which was really good.

*** DC Sports Ceramic Race Header #HHR5523 - Just $350 Shipped ***

Call Us @ 215-227-6000 to order

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards. Cash Local Pickups also welcome. Installation is $75 by a Factory Trained Honda Certified Technician.

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