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Dc 2.2

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Just got mine installed and will be posting updates to see what Vit can do. I will be posting a dyno of these when I'm done. Bump if interested

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How's the idle/daily driveability compared to stock?
it has a lope to it and the driveability is like stock.
it has a lope to it and the driveability is like stock.
Searched around YouTube a bit to see if I could find a video that would demonstrate the lope, couldn't find anything... do you or anyone else have any videos of it?

Stuck between these and some Todas...
That sounds pretty awesome, actually! I've looked around... anyone mind PM-ing me where they found the best deal on the dc 2.2's? Also would need the VT with it as well...

I've looked a few places and the prices between the dc 2.2's vs toda a3's seems pretty similar.
get in contact with vitviper and he'll sqaure you away.
I have dc 2.2, the HPT valve spring compressor tool works really well. You don't need an air compressor to change the valve train just put the piston tdc, a stick can be used to tell when it's at tdc. Chase the cam holder bolt holes with brake cleaner or the like if you get oil in them. A pipe on the end of a large breaker bar helps for the crank pulley bolt. Definitely go to Vit. Or Jeremy of DC. Replace O2 sensor. These work excellent for Kraftwerks, turbo, 2.4 high compression but not Ct-e from what I understand. So there are places to go without going backwards.
Question on the VTC at 42deg has anyone beside me ran these at 50deg and not have a problem? secondly does it make sense for them to go to 50deg and just to clarify the cams are in a completely stock k20a2 in a cl7 accord euro R
the motor is internally stock but has bolt on and valve train
I can post a datalog if anyone would be interested to see it
161 - 173 of 173 Posts
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