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Over the past few years you have requested this feature but it was not ready yet. Now we are happy to announce we have a basemap only tuning package available, and its available to everyone, not just returning customers.

Why now? Well in order for us to create an awesome basemap with better fueling, parameters and ignition then the free basemaps that are supplied with tuning software, we needed experience, alot of experience, as there are an infinite number of part combinations out there. Afterall people could ask for a basemap for something we had never delt with before and we don't want to supply just any plain basemap, we want something awesome and ready to go, in keeping with our reviews.

So why does experience matter? Being realistic, over the years we have seen our "revisions to perfection" drop significantly. What this means is that since all of our tunes are tuned until perfect (revision numbers in tunes are a minimum guarantee to assure users who change modifications during tuning) the amount of time it took to get it perfect was an important detail. Back in 2009 the number of revisions we needed to get to a "perfect" tune (a tuning having no repeatable knock, 2-3% fuel trims, a linear torque band at VTC engagement, optimized ignition etc) started out in the mid twenties. We even had a couple users who had very custom setups that had revisions in the mid 40's. So a tune with perfect everything might have taken 25 revisions back then, keeping mind we are perfectionists and that tuning software was undergoing alot of learning and change (like us) at that time. That dropped quickly down to 10-15 revisions typically by 2010, and then down to 6-8 by 2011-2012.

As the average required revisions dropped with our experience the idea of creating a better basemap became more and more realistic. In the past few years we have seen that number of revisions needed to perfection drop even lower which effectively allows customers to save their extra revisions (as we guaranteed at least 7) for free bolt-on modification tuning in the future.

Now at this point we can say a definite yes, we can offer an excellent basemap, much better then a standard starting point, that is custom calibrated for your setup, at a very descent price, that is typically much much closer to ideal already. This is as long as the customer is comfortable making the remaining required adjustments, and that is inline with many of the emails we have received from 8thcivic members, as well, so we know this is what you want too.

Be sure to get your 8thcivic discount coupon code: "D202013" that makes this an even better deal.

More details here: Base Map Only Request | E-Tunez

Thanks for considering our services,

The E-tunez Tuning Team
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