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Cusco underbrace - SPECIAL PRICING

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We have gotten a lot of feedback on the Cusco Type II Lower Arm underbrace for the 06+ Civics so we're offering a pre-order on the for all 8thcivic members.

Price is $149.00 shipped in the USA

Only 4 left at this price!!!

Payment may be made via paypal to [email protected] or just give us a call!

The Cusco design clears the cat shield and mounts much closer to the chassis to limit flex and maintain body rigidity during the hardest cornering.

As with all Cusco lower arm bars, this Type II lower arm bar is made from tubular high-tension lightweight aluminum and finished in an anti-corrosion paint in the traditional Cusco blue.

For 06+ Civic SI's, You need to modify the exhaust hanger off the downpipe to clear the front of the bar as this bar is originally intended for the 2006 FD1 Japanese Civic. R18's need no mods!

We simply took the rubber hanger off and bent the lower hanger-mount to become the upper hanger-mount. Then, we spun the rubber hanger up to hook up to the bent mount. The hanger is hollow so it's not too hard to bend though a little heat may help you. It may not be pretty, but it works...

Order on our website at this special pricing!!

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Bump for a few more in stock! You can't get these ANYWHERE else people - don't let the competition fool you...

Both the Tanabe and Megan braces hang too low and the Megan is especially soft and cheap. Unlike the hollow Megan bar, the Cusco piece is internally double ribbed and made from a much higher grade of aluminum.
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