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Curiosity: What do Y'all Recommend on a Civic EX?

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Hey guys
I bought an 07 Honda Civic Ex (1.8L 5spd standard) almost a year and a half ago, and I did a couple of things at the time because I wanted to. (Floor mats and shift knob, then I made a shift boot)
Now, I'm wanting to do some more stuff to it. I recently ordered the Skunk2 short shift adapter, but haven't received it yet.
Basically, just cheaper upgrades that may be worth while whether they be cosmetic, handling, or performance, etc.
I'm just looking for some suggestions. What to do, what to avoid, etc. I thought about possibly doing an SRI, but I don't want to deal with heatsoak, and I definitely don't want to do a CAI, because about every year around February to April it rains constantly, so I don't want to hydrolock it.
It is also my daily driver, to and from work i probably average roughly 2-2.5 hours driving a day, so I also don't want to risk any issues that may cause me not to be able to drive it because it's also currently my only vehicle.
(Also worth noting I'm not very experienced with working on vehicles. I can do simple stuff, but wouldn't trust myself with, say, engine internals.)
Anyway, just let me know what y'all think, please. Much appreciated
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I would work on the suspension and make it handle better.
The R18 can go up to 500k so 223k is just starting to get broken in (I think). My 2006 R18 has 167k and i'm only doing suspension and wheel mods because it's not a fast car at all - after all it's an economy car lol. For suspension; if it's floppy, I would swap the shocks out for KYB units so it would fix the unstable ride. I'm personally pairing the KYB struts with the Eibach lowering springs which will make it a bit lower than normal but not slammed to the ground. I think I should be able to slide in 2 fingers to the gap or so no problem. The OEM Si sway bar is what I honestly recommend because it's a bit beefier and will fit guaranteed when the brackets are swapped.
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The KYB and Eibach combo should ride like OEM but a tad bit stiffer.
As far as how much life your car has left...do you feel lucky? The 06-08 model years 1.8 had a engine block defect that caused the lower portion of the block to crack. Proper maintenance had no bearing on the likelihood of your engine grenading itself.
It's a hit and miss with this unless the block has been replaced by the dealer years ago. My 2006 R18 is on the original block from 2006 and it's still fine. My car was built in Marysville Ohio.
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