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Hello Guys and Girls,

I've got a 2010 CSX iTech with auto trans. I was getting ready for a trans fluid change with Amsoil's fluid, but noticed that the factory do have an external inline fluid filter running from the ATF cooler back to the trans housing. (see attached pic)
Does anyone know the Acura's parts number for it?
Is this the same as the one used in other Honda (Honda P/N 25430-PLR-003)? I think the newer ILX also use this part as well.

I plan to drain the ATF fluid via the drain plug, or suck it up using a pump from the fill hole, then remove the filter piping and replace the filter, reattached all the hoses and clamps and then refill the trans.
Does anyone change this before? any suggestion on how I should change it?

ATF cooler pipings.jpg

Thanks 😄
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