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So being the official post whore of the Vancouver 8th-gen crew, here are the pics from yesterday's fun meet from Vancouver to Whistler BC (venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics).

Members who attended were:
1. Marc-o-lishuz (FBP Si)
2. Habaneroguy (HRP Si)
3. Canuck82 (NBP EX 5AT + black Motegi's + Tein coilovers)
4. foot_long (ASM EX 5MT)
5. Pukuyo (FBP Si + HID retros)
6. 1chin3s3_b0i (RBP EX + blue underglow)
7. Type-Si (NBP Si + CAI + Magnaflow)
8. Sleepy (NBM EX 5AT+ CAI)
9. Mikagami (ASM Si + gunmetal Motegi's)
10. beaterdx (EK Civic) - my brother

at Porteau Cove
L-R: 1chin3s3_b0i (Navy Blue), foot_long (ASM EX), Canuck82 (NBP EX), Type-Si (NBP Si)

L-R: Mikagami (AMS Si), Marc-o-lishuz (FBP Si), HabaneroGuy (HRP Si), beaterdx (S/C EK = Si killer!)

L-R: Rukuyo (FBP Si), Type-Si (NBP Si), Canuck82 (NBP EX), foot_long (ASM EX), 1chin3s3_boy (NBM EX)

L-R: HabaneroGuy (HRP Si), Mikagami (ASM Si), beaterdx (S/C EX), Marc-o-lishuz (FBP Si), Pukuyo (FBP Si), Type-Si (NBP Si), Canuck82 (NBP EX), foot_long (ASM EX)

Mikagami (AMS Si)

The group...

Canuck82's leather interior (NBP EX)

On the Sea 2 Sky Highway

At Whistler parking lot

1chin3s3_b0i reppin AJ Racing and the 604 crew

Alabaster Silver asses (Mikagami Si, foot_long EX)

HabaneroGuy blowing **** up

HID'd Si's (Type-Si NBP Si, Pukuyo FBP Si)

1chin3s3_b0i providing some light in a dark parking lot

130km/h on the Sea 2 Sky @ night... and 2 EX's hauling in front of me!

Last stop - GAS!

Marc-o-lishuz (FBP Si), Canuck82 (NBP EX)



Whoring up the Shell station


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meet was tons of fun... cruise was great: 120+ kms each direction of non-stop curves, switchbacks, elevation changes, on/off-camber turns, etc. it's a pretty technical drive if you're going fast, but it's very easy if you go slow (ie. speed limit). lots of heel-toe'ing required.

i told the other members to post their pics up here too... standby for another 20-40 more pics.

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I was waiting for this events coverage!!! Great pics. Looks like you had an awesome time.

Like Chester said...........wish I was there to join in the fun! :vtec:
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