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Crower camshaft

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Has anybody heard of this crower camshaft on clubrsx.com. Theyre selling it specifically for the k20a2 rsx type s. But they also say that it will fit any k20 head. I was just wondering if any of you guys have this on your car and is this a reputable brand thanks.:) http://www.clubrsx.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=CR&Category_Code=FGCVC
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very reputable company, in a good way.
no point in cams unless you have a method of dialing them in
F.I.A.T said:
no point in cams unless you have a method of dialing them in
Will the mass air sensor not compensate for it? Most of my knowledge lies in the Mustang world and you can put a cam in them, no problem. Only because they are MAF though. The older speed density mustangs have trouble.
i think we have the k24 heads..
Correct...It wont work in ours
You guys are incorrect, K20 and K24 cams are interchangable

The two engines share an almost identical head design. Cams are interchangeable, so any Cam made for the K20 will fit the K24. Higher lift camshafts require better valve springs, retainers and spring seats.

Exhaust ports and bolt pattern are identical, but headers are not interchangeable. On the TSX the headers fit between the engine and subframe, on the RSX between the subframe and firewall and as a result are quite differently shaped.

Intake ports are identical in spacing, but the TSX manifold has an integrated water port as compared to the RSX-S separate housing. For manifold swaps, Hasport has built an adapter plate to allow any K series Honda intake manifold, ITB or supercharger made for the RSX to fit the TSX.

taken from here http://www.hondata.com/tuning_k24a2_tsx_engine.html
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