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Well guys i just wanted to give my feedback on stage 5 Crespo camshafts that are going in my motor as we speak. Running supertech 95 psi springs and gonna get tuned by Steve at etunez. As the installation goes on I will post more pictures of the installation and hopefully even a dyno with video when done.

Going in as a guinea pig here, wish me luck:beer:

Mods list:
Stock K20z3 engine
Skunk2 Cai modded delete coupler
580cc Bosch ev14 injectors
Skunk2 alpha headers
3in catback exhaust
Hondata Flashpro
Ported by me IM
Supertech 95 psi dual springs
Skunk2 seats, supertech ti retainers and cotters
Gonna get it tuned by Steve etunez

Here's a pic of the cams as they came in today

Supertech ti retainers and cotters

YouTube video of startup


Runs great getting tuned, videos of me ripping up the streets

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cams were so horrible designed they popped my tensioner from all the chain slap i even tuned it to a 0* cam angles and still broke it. I heard a big air leak comming from my motor. Then i removed my tensioner and noticed air bubbles coming out on the side of the piston.
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