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So I'm a Swede who recently bought a 2010 civic 1.8 sport (euro hatchback) and I like the car a lot but the clutch pedal is making a creaking/ticking noise at close to fully pressed, it can also be felt in the foot. It does not seem to have the squeak that so many others are experiencing.

(not my video but similar sound)

I tried to lube it up with white lithium grease but it didn't really make a difference. I think this is the spring in the pedal assembly making the noise and not the CMC which seems to cause more of a squeak, but I could be wrong.

I notice that if I don't fully let the pedal up after shifting it won't make a noise while pressed again and when reinserting the cruise control switch after lubing above the pedal I threaded it further in than before which led to it now only clicking once if at all while driving. I want to try to thread the cruise control switch even further but i get worried that the clutch wouldn't properly engage if I give it a few more twists. For now, it drives fine and I don't really know how to tell if the shortened play of the pedal towards the top would an issue as long as it still drives fine? Would a fully threaded cruise control switch possibly make the clutch not engage properly or is there still enough free play either way so it would not really make a difference? The switch im talking about is the one next to the green lines. I still have to press the pedal down some distance before the clutch disengages, making me think that i still have some inches to spare regarding the free play.

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Thanks in advance.
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