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Alright guys, I need some help. I have an 08 Si FA5 with 87k, and prior to yesterday I have had zero issues.

Yesterday morning I had no issues when I started up at 9:30. I drove up to the Texaco at the top of my neighborhood and filled the car up with 93 octane. Also, I have never had issue with their gas. I had no issues starting the car and pulled out onto the main road with no trouble getting up to the 55mph speed limit at 4-4500rpm max per shift. Except the part when I was shifting into 6th approximately 50-55 and my car started losing power like it was starving for fuel. I would give it gas but it acted like it wouldn't move.

I pulled into a lot and stopped in a spot. The car seemed like it was bogging itself down until it died. After that, it won't start. So, i got towed back to my house and I am stuck.

I have no diagnostic codes. My fuel pump primes. Fuel spews out of the line when disconnected at the fuel rail. I have spark at all four plugs. The thumb test says compression is good at 1&4. I have checked all of the fuses that should affect this. I did not check interior dome light, etc. The timing mark appears to be slightly retarded at TDC, but I think that is correct. The motor sounds great, no backfiring or sputtering, it just won't fire. Turns over and over. Spark, fuel, compression. What gives?

On the scanner it says 0dtc, but follows up with these numbers 25-01, either 61-01 or 68-01 can't remember and also 81-01, 83-01, 86-01. All these have ABS with them.
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