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What: :dancing:Crack's Crackalackin' B-Day Bash:dancing:

When: Jan 19th @ 6:00 pm
Where: My place-PM me for address
Who: NE Peeps
How: Pot luck style
Why: Cuz it's party time!:party:

This is going down pot luck style.
Please post up what you plan on bringing and I'll update the list. Can be whatever- covered dish or just snacks and drinks.
If you want booze, bring your own:p and don't forget your pillow cuz you won't be driving away from my place intoxicated.
Also, please PM me about gift ideas, I have something in mind.;)
Let's make it happen.:thumb:
Here's the list so far:

The list will be capped at 30. If you didn't make it in time, I'm sorry. 30 people at my place is A LOT of people. Be sure to make it to the next open meet. Cheers. :thumb:

1. CrackThatTec45
2. Mrs.Crack
3. Qshooter151- cheddarwurst dogs
4. Mrs.Q- 7 layer dip n chips, cake, cookies
5. CarNut4Eva
7. Xtreme Thunder- veggies, salad
8. Sinister Sindy- ziti
9. Mrs.Sinister Sindy- brownies
10. missy867- antipasta, cookies
11. pon55- paper plates, utensils
12. 06blaksi- macaroni and potato salad
13. siracergrl- rice crispie treats and ???
14. Mr.siracergrl...lol, George
15. PhalanX- chips n dip
16. rednek- mac n cheese...the real deal, beer
17. illusionstwice- stuffed shells, beer
18. Will06SI- lasagna, soda
19. BlueSi4- drinks
20. SiBill29- chicken, pepperoni, and spinich rolls
21. Mrs. SiBill29

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Hmmmm... Put me down for a maybe. Its about time I made it to one of these things, but I gotta check the "calendar."

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Ill make a batch of brownies, and if i have time a pot of gumbo
:dancing: Sounds good Ethan!

Hmmmm... Put me down for a maybe. Its about time I made it to one of these things, but I gotta check the "calendar."
Yeah, you better show, ass...

yove got no excuse, you can ride down with me in the CR-V

Or u can come in the Si. Probably gettin the same gas-mileage...
:yeahthat: :vtec:

CR-V >> Si


Haha, alright, if u insist. Guess we'll pimp the CR-V.
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