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I live in Jacksonville, FL and I like to do the oil changes on my 2006 Honda Civic EX-L myself, but I’ve realized that Coggin Honda does a Full Synthetic 0w20, 5w20 or 5w30 Pennzoil Platinum oil change with new oem filter and washer, full exterior wash and dry with wheel shiner, a full interior vacuum, and inspection for $29.95+tax and disposal, so let’s say $35. That’s cheap! That’s their regular price too! It amazes me how Honda dealers in the same city charge completely different prices, ranging anywhere from $29.95-$54.95 for THE EXACT SAME THING! Let’s not even talk about the quick lube places that charge $79.99 for Full Synthetic and most of the time they damage your drain plug, don’t replace the crush washer, overfill the oil, under fill the oil, forget to put oil in, and they are notorious for breaking the underbody splash guard. I get coupons from my Coggin dealer all the time for Full Synthetic oil change + tire rotation for $24.95. So to all you Floridians reading this with an 8th gen, check out Coggin Honda. You’ll be surprised! And no, I don’t work for them or am affiliated with Coggin Automotive at all.
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