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So my Honda Civic 8th Gen from 2009 has a whooping total of almost 50k km and today my clutch apparently died..........
So everything went fine, no prior sympthoms, went to the highway, top speed was probably 170 km/h, then parked the car into a mall parking lot. Everything went fine, I went in, stayed probably 1-1.5 hours and then came back, started the car and everything went south ouf of the blue, like I said with no prior sympthoms.. Everything was just fine prior to me returning to the car after this short break. I shifted into the first gear, started moving away from my parking space, I had the clutch fully depressed and while accelerating the car started shaking, in 1st and 2nd gear. It all still happened while in the parking lot, didn't manage to go into 3rd, 4th etc. I then got on the public road and then the clutch seems to have completely died, something happened anyway.
Now I am in first gear and I have to have about 7000-8000 rpm just to get moving and it is accelerating pretty slowly and badly, I shift into 2nd, 3rd, 4th, same story, I am accelerating like a mad man and the car is barely moving considering the gear I am in and the level of acceleration.
Anyway, I manage to get the car away from public roads into some parking lot after a few km of driving like this and then I notice that it smells like burning clutch. Expected.
Anyway, the curious thing is that when I shift into the first gear and I depress the clutch pedal and not press the acceleration whatsoever, the engine does not die, it's still working, but if I go to 7000-8000 rpm the car begins to move, although very slowly. Now I don't know for how long this will continue to work, but I fail to understand why the engine doesn't die, yet if I am close to red, the car begins to move.

So my question is the next. I am aware that the clutch system is probably dead and it needs to be replaced, but with everything I just shared, could there also be something else involved? Sorry for any potential grammar mistakes.
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