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Clutch isn't disengaging after one year of use!

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I have an 07 civic si sedan 50k miles, and I recently have a horrendous time when it comes to shifting. I swapped out the stock clutch and flywheel about a year ago, and replaced them with the ACT Heavy Duty Clutch and ACT Lightweight Flywheel. Now down to the problem. I can't even shift into reverse without grinding, so i have to preshift it into reverse before i start the engine. :facepalm: Every shift after the tranny starts warming up, is almost impossible to get the gear to lock it, so I came down to the assumption that the clutch isn't disengaging? I took it into the shop and they said i was getting full pedal, but it indeed wasn't disengaging. However, before I buy a new clutch :facepalm: like they recommend, I thought I would run it by you all before I start dumping that kind of money. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like a bad throwout bearing to me..
I would say throwout bearing if you are having issues engaging/disengaging.
Try this.

Before starting the engine put the transmission into gear (not reverse). Put your foot on the clutch and start the engine. Once the engine is running, without taking your foot off the clutch, shift into neutral and then try shifting into reverse and other gears (still without taking your foot off the clutch), and see if you can shift into various gears without trouble. If you can, then put the transmission in neutral and take your foot off the clutch. Then push the clutch back in and try to shift into various gears again.

If you had no trouble the first time (with foot on the clutch the whole time), but after letting out the clutch and pushing it in again you did have trouble, your clutch may be sticking due to contaimination. In which case, check around the small drain hole in the bellhousing for signs of oil/grime or any signs of fluid leakage.
How stiff is your clutch vs. stock? It's possible you have a clutch master or slave cylinder issue causing incomplete clutch disengagement.

When you replaced the clutch, did you replace the throwout bearing and pilot bearing/bushing? If the pilot bearing/bushing is going bad it can hang up and cause a similar symptom to incomplete clutch disengagement.

Are there any noises, vibrations or anything related to pushing or releasing the clutch (for example, any noises that start or stop when you push the clutch)?
I did have the throwout bearing and pilot bearing/bushing replaced with the clutch and flywheel, however since the general consensus is the throwout bearing, that will be the first thing I check. The only vibration I feel, is the shudder of the engine when the clutch is fully pressed down (but not fully disengaged). A few months ago I did hear a creaking in the pedal when I pushed it in, but it went away after about a week. Thanks for all the input!
clutch pedal adjustment. if its not disengaging you need more pedal travel
Checked the hydraulics, and I am getting full pedal.
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