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I have a 2009 5-speed 1.8L
With 230000 km on it I’ve owned it for about four Months put about 10000 k on it,The previous owner was a friend and I know he learn stick on it, But the clutch always still felt good lots of pressure, Felt like a good working Honda clutch, yesterday Out of the blue all of a sudden it was a little stiff to go into gear and as I drove home by the time I got their The clutch had lost Most it’s pressure And I almost had to force it into gear as I was parking,
I’ve never had an issue with it slipping out of gear sometimes when I shifted into second it would have the delay and RPM drop but only a handful of times I checked the fluid and it was on minimum add a little bit of fluid and it seem to shift OK still a little rough,Drove for maybe 10 miles in the same thing reoccurred. My question for Everyone is~
is there anything I should look at before just doing a clutch job in on it? I’m not too sure where the CMC is or the slave cylinder on the 1.8 L I Followed lines from the reservoir but it just goes back having jacked it up and had aLook underneath yet to see if I can find them NoDIY On a 1.8 L On these parts that I could find
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