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Clock reset ever since 2022

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So after the new year, Saturday, I turned my car on and noticed the date said May 18th, 2002.
today it displays 12:00 January 1st, 2002 as soon as I turned it on.
i tried manually editing the time but it just reverts. Anyone else having such issue? My car is a 2009 Civic Si with Navi.
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Yep, noticed this yesterday. When i go to the calendar, it goes to January 2002 and the time stays where when you turned the car off. Going to check the fuses, but that doesn't make sense since the unit gets it's time from GPS.

I've surfed around and noticed Acura TL owners (mid-late 2000s model) are experiencing similar problems. Those threads and problems seem to have started 1 year ago. As crafty48 said, it could be (most likely) the software where it has problems with the date. What a sham, I'm not a programmer but you would think it wouldn't be difficult for the stupid thing to recognize dates YEARS from now. As far as the map updates, correct, the last one is available right now. Get it while you can (I did). After this one, that's it, no more.

I've started looking for a replacement headunits (Android) b/c the factory units are pretty much worthless nowadays. Back in the early 2000s when our NAVs were being developed, who would've thought smart phones would be ubiquitous. Still, this is a problem that shouldn't be.
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Yup, saw that article in USAToday. Supposedly Honda knows about it, question is whether they will do anything about it. You listening Honda?

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Interesting (or suspicious) that Honda say it will 1) solve itself or 2) will be a service bulletin by June or this summer? Seeing now that it affects a wide range of Honda owners, I now don't doubt Honda will address this, just a question of when and how (cost to us?). Let's see what happens.
I did file a problem report American Honda. I suggest everyone do the same - that's the only way they'll feel the urgency going up.
Not a bad idea, but supposedly Honda is already on it. Let's hope they come up with a solution sooner rather than later and that it costs us nothing.
Repeat of what I posted on another thread:

It appears as though this will resolve itself by August (2022).

Quote, "Honda US team stating: 'We have escalated the NAVI Clock Issue to our Engineering Team and they have informed us that you will experience issue from Jan 2022 thru August 2022 and then it will auto-correct. "

Anyway, Honda "says" if there is a fix before then, they will notify owners. We all know that is bunch of bologna. Wait until August (just in time for my bday, LOL) and our clocks will (supposedly) fix themselves.

Yeah, I guess you could call that a beneficial side effect.

But the problem is Honda's are SO DARN RELIABLE.

270,000 miles. My car has a little rust around the rear wheel wells and the hood.

I've replaced:
Spark plugs (all 8) once (trying to clear the Check Engine light)
EGR valve once (same as above)
Mass Air Flow Sensor once (same as above)
Lower O2 Sensor once (same as above)
Upper (GEEZE) O2 sensor once (same as above)
Cleaned out the EGR gallery (which was full of carbon) which fixed the Check Engine Light.

Next time that code pops, I'll start with the EGR gallery.

What I'm getting at is this:
No mystery problems (like my Dodge Stratus which would just have the engine shut off while driving - turned out to be a $700 fuel pump issue), or when it would go into Limp mode every few years (because the input / output speed sensors which were mounted in the engine in a way where you had to be a contortionist to get to them) would get fouled with metal chips and go blind), or when I tried to do a tune up and found all the spark plug galleries full of oil, and then the distribution just decided to fail so back to the shop for $1200 of work.

I have no maintenance on the Honda other than that, and replacing the rear shock absorbers.

The Honda cars are indefatigable. That's why I'll buy another.
I agree with this 100%. No car is perfect, but the amount of driving I do and at my age, I don't want a car that is going to be maintenance (repairs as well) intensive. That is for the birds. Our clocks and calendars are on the fritz. Honestly, who cares. It is going to right itself in several months. I personally have 322,000 miles on my 07 EX sedan and have had to replace the A/C compressor, starter, Alternator, rear shock absorbers, exhaust (from the muffler and back) and a couple of calipers, oh, and an engine mount. All were easy to do (except the compressor, had to loosen the subframe to get it out. Will I purchase a Honda again? Damn right I will. That being said, I also have a Toyota 4Runner. Thus far, 184,000 later, nothing (no big mechanical issues). My rear pinion bearing is failing, but I do plan on getting that fixed. American/European/Korean cars are invisible to me.
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Yep, I guarantee Honda will do nothing since the problem will essentially fix itself in August of 2022. I'm going to lock this thread b/c it's basically going no where. The fix is: wait. If Honda miraculously announces a fix for this beforehand, I'll post and unlock this thread. Peace.
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