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Clicking noise when accelerating from dead stop / 08 Civic Si

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* Video at the end of this post *

Anyone have any idea what causes the car to click when accelerating from a dead stop?
The clicking even sometimes happens when I accelerate going about 50 km/h (30 mph) in 4th gear but not as bad as going from a dead stop. When changing gears, the clutch pedal also has some kind of weird feeling to it almost like it vibrates at the clutch grabbing point (hard to explain lol)

The mods currently installed on my Si are:
  • Raceland Coilovers
  • Hybrid Racing Detent Springs
  • K-Tuned Shifter Cable Bushings
  • PLM V2 Header

Before installing these mods, the car was perfectly fine (no unusual noises or vibrations) but after installing the mods listed, the clicking problem started to become noticeable after a week of installing them and it kept getting worse and worse. Please let me know if there are any more details I should add.

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