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cleaning towels after waxing

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after waxing the whole car, i noticed a massive wax build up on the towel i used to wipe off the wax. how do i clean the towel? my unreliable friend tells me to dissolve the wax with gasoline... any thoughts?
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throw it in the wash machine. if not, throw it out and buy new ones.
from what i heard wash it as usual but dont use any fabric softner for drying or the liquid stuff.
i just washed it in the machine, nothing better. what do people usually use for wiping off wax? since i dont want to continue throwing away my towels
As was mentioned previously, make sure, when you dry them, that you do NOT do it on high heat or use any fabric softener whatsoever.

Also, a few other thoughts:

Try not to use powder wash soap. Use liquid only, and make sure that you throw them through an extra rinse cycle to get all the soap off.

The fabric softeners remove absorbability, which is a new word I decided to make up.
get new ones..................i doooo
next time use less wax.

i would shake the towel outside violently to get most of the wax dust out.
then wash with detergent in your washing machine. if that's a MF towel,
don't wash it with your other cotton towels as you will get lint.

air dry is best. tumble dry low if you must, but make sure no lint is in the
dryer from previous laundry.

www.griotsgarage.com sells MF towel and pad cleaner which you can
add in your wash cycle.
There is special shampoo for mf towels. Many companies make it. I buy mine from Chemical Guys. I also use Tide and wash on a warm cycle extra long and dry on a warm, not hot temperature.

vinegar. I have a decent how-to wash towels I made a long time ago. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19468
The washing machine works just fine. Here are some tips:

1) Use warm water and double rinse to be sure all the detergent is out
2) Dry on delicate or low heat and do not use fabric softeners.
i put mine in teh washing machine without detergent(as some detergents contain fabric softener). then i air dry them.
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