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Hello All,

I was hoping someone could really help me out. My car has been standing still for the last three months, as I rarely use her. In the past I have jump started my car, however when the alarm goes off, previousley I have been able to lock and unlock the car via the Key Fob which would reset the alarm.

However, now I am unable to use the Fob to lock/unlock the car. The alarm just seems to keep going off while/when the door is open(ed). The car does not seem to acknowledge the Fob.

My brother found a way to sync the Key Fob with the car, however it did not seem to work. The process was something like:

1.) Turn Key to 1
2.) Then to 2 and press lock for 1 sec
repeat further 3 times

The locks then seem to go into a cycle, however the car still does not respond to the Key Fobs. One of my Fobs has had a new battery installed, and both lights do light up.

I urgently need my car active now due to a real life issue, and would appreciate any help people here could give.

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