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"Well the results are in...if you didn't get your issue yet and like to be surprised, don't read any further.

0-60 is 6.8 with a 15.1 @ 94.6 quarter. Curb weight, which R/T weighs with full tank, was 2880 lbs. Interesting to note that R/T does not weather-correct and they tested on an 82 degree day...

One of the editors said, "This car makes me not hate front wheel drive.."

Skidpad was .85g, kinda disappointing considering this was on the optional Exaltos. Brakes were touchy on initial application. And the seats, which look to be heavily bolstered, were of only "good" lateral support.

Still looks like a sweet piece.

Mileage was a horrific 19.7 overall, and this did NOT iclude any test-track work.

Sticker was 22,300 which included nav, XM, and the summer tires (only 200 bucks!)"

I don't have the issue, so I can't comment or say this is legit. I still won't believe the #'s till honda releases it. These look to be the best numbers posted by far. Good looking out - thx for the link.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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