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Civic Si Cams

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is anyone caming yet? if so can you post vid/sound clip?
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It gives you almost nothing over stock peak hp. All of the extra power is in the midrange.
but with that midrange u can get off the line faster! and thats what the car really needs to get off the line faster!! so its a good thing.
Hollister21 said:
doesnt the reflash give you like 30 or 33 or something like that.
The reflash has high peak gains, but not gains at peak hp. The reason for ridiculously high peak gains is because of Honda's downtuning the K20z3 in the rpms just before the Vtec switchover. Hondata lowers the Vtec switchover point, thus extending the enhanced powercurve through the place where the hiccup used to be.
Subscribed...Looking to put cams on my turbo setup. It is about the only upgrade I have yet to purchase.
skunk2 has turbo cams but im not sure if they have them out yet.
Could that wing get any more ricier? MY GOD.
Holy crap that wing is like over the roof line, I thought something was sitting on the roof for a sec lmao
fatality122887 said:
nore do i want to void my warrenty
In what aspect would these cams void your warranty?
KidnKorner said:
In what aspect would these cams void your warranty?
the fact that you have to open the head up....... and put internals into it.. they could link that to probably a bit of problems if anything were to happen
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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