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Whats up guys . This is my first time posting , and wanted to create new thread and see if i could get some advice. lemme try to make it short ..

I have a 2007 coupe civic si. I recently started to have issues in idle when i would fill up , so after a little bit of research , I found that it could be gunk in the tank , or , a stopped fuel filter (obviously). I figured that I would go ahead and replace the fuel strainer. After going through the replacement step by step , I put the unit back in place , went to start the engine . and no start. all it did was keep rolling over .. after proceeding to remove the pump several times and checking all the connections and seals , still no go ...

Now this is the weird thing , when the engine rolls over, i can see fuel being pushed out of the sending unit, but still no start...
Any suggestions?
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