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Civic Severely Rev Hanging/throttle sticking

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So about a month ago, my 08 Honda Civic Si started rev hanging really bad. Whenever I push in the clutch to shift, it will stay at that RPM, or slightly go higher, but then after a couple seconds drop down to idle fast. The throttle will also stick for a second after I let off the pedal and then jolt. Weird thing is it doesn’t do it when I first start it or when the oil is not up to temp. Only when it’s been running for about 5 minutes. Also when i push the clutch down to let it coast, as long as the wheels are moving, the RPM will go up and down from 1,000 to 2,000 till I stop. Took it to a shop and they cleaned out the throttle body and said everything on their end looked good. They tried calling Hondas electrical staff, but apparently they were on Holiday. So annoyed when driving it, so might as well get some thoughts. The video doesn’t do all its justice, but it’s still very noticeable. Thanks!
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Try cleaning your maf and map sensors (not sure this will fix it but worth a shot, pretty easy to do). Then I recommend scanning with a code scanner, also try to look for vacuum leaks. Try doing a relearn procedure for the throttle How to: Perform the Throttle Relearn Procedure on a 8th gen 2006 Honda Civic Si 2.0L k20z3 ivtech - YouTube. To me it seems like it will have to be something throttle body or throttle plate related. It is very possible that the mechanics didn't do the correct throttle relearn procedure (the link I have up there is to do it manually, which doesn't always work), which is when you take a programming obd2 scanner/reader and use the function throttle relearn procedure in it. It could also be a vacuum leak like I said. Or your throttle pedal could be sticking, I personally hate the drive by wire in our cars.
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