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I have had a few problems with my 2008 Civic that folks might want to be aware of (that Honda has not been very good about divulging)

1. Uneven rear tire wear. I believe this affects 2006 through early 2008 civics. Causes scalloping type wear, whirring tire noise and vibration. Tire store I went to says he sees LOTS of this problem. Fix is to replace the rear upper control arms. Honda did this for me under warranty, but refused to replace the tires because they "weren't worn enough". Now I am stuck with the noise and vibration. Nice, Honda.

2. Severe surging on acceleration from stop (Hybrid model) - but only occasionally - maybe only 1 time in 50. Fix is to download updated firmware to the engine controller. At first the dealer told me there was nothing wrong with my car as there were no engine codes logged. After I insisted that there was something wrong they looked up and found out there was a later firmware release for this.

Shame on Honda for not letting people know of these issues - especially the latter which costs them virtually nothing to fix while you get an oil change.

3. I have a rattle in the right front suspension. The car has spent about 5 days in the dealer for this. Latest thing is they say it is a known problem with the steering rack/linkage that Honda is working on but has no fix yet. I am not convinced. Anyone else have this? Sounds like the whole brake caliper is loose when you go over uneven pavement (driving straight ahead).

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