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Civic 2010 Auto Transmission jerks at slow speeds 1st, to 2nd, to 3rd gear

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I have 2010 Civic LXS auto transmission jerks a little hesitate to shift at low rpm, slow speed, for example when i'm at stop sign and push a little on gas pedal the car jerks moves forward and back little. it's like transmission trying to find the correct gear to engage. When i push hard on gas pedal transmission shift fine from 1st to 2nd to 3rd.
I changed the transmission fluid with Honda ATF it looks it helped a little and eased the jerks, but they still there.

Has anyone have this problem? what did you do about it?
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Could be the Engine Mount (Commonly the Passenger side), or possibly a Tranny issue. Before changing the ATF, when was the last time it was changed? If it's unknown, you might want to change it another 2 times (once a week - drain and fill). If you want a cleaner tranny, I would also throw in the inline transmission filter which is behind the air box.

I changed all my mount's to fix the jerking issue and it's not a problem anymore. It does do it a tiny but every once in a while when it's moving. Its just a poor design from Honda.

For mileage, it could be as early as 50K. I would check the condition of the ATF now and see if it still needs to be changed. When i changed my ATF (possibly factory fluid at 155k), I did a drain and fill once every 3 weeks and at the last fluid change I switched out the inline transmission filter. It's now red like it should be.

Check all the Engine Mounts first though. Here's a YouTube video on how to check:

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I have the 1st, and 2nd gear jerk when going slow as well. When i changed all the mounts I just learned that I will have to live with it.

I agree with what you said about the transmission problems. The Honda trannys aren't known for being the best. Manual transmissions is where Honda excels.
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