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citizh's LIL Build Thread

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Can't Tell If Bad Bearing Or Supercharged


-CT supercharger stage 2 - Ported by Stiegemeier
-IMT 2.945 pulley
-IMT Stage 2 Aftercooler
-Go Power 3" cat back
-PLM header
-Deatschwerk 800cc injectors
-Boost by Gear
-Boomba motor mounts
-IMT inlet anodized gold
-ZDX throttle body
-Citizh R&D 3.5" intake
-T1R AIT sensor
-DW65c Fuelpump
-Kraftwerks AC line relocator


-Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly


-Eibach Prokit springs
-Battle Endless Strut bar
-Megan Racing front lower tie bar
-Megan Racing H-brace
-Megan Racing rear lower tie bar (neon yellow)
-Progress Rear Sway Bar
-Stoptech blank rotors
-Hawk HPS pads
-Skunk 2 Camber Arms
-Russell stainless steal brake lines


-Evo 8 wheels (powder coated lexus pearl white)
-EP3 red front emblem
-DC5 red rear emblem
-WeatherTech window deflectors
-License plate relocator
-Moddiction blue tinted convex side mirrors
-GrafiXpressions tail light overlays
-GrafiXpressions JDM overlays (Blue and Gold Chrome)
-GrafiXpressions Si emblem overlays (Gold Chrome)
-Tredwear Yokohama tire letters
-Yellow Painted Calipers


-Strut King footrest
-GrafiXpressions Transparent Blue shift knob 1 of 3
-Broadway mirror
-Weathertech digital fit mats
-20% tint
-Excelerate v2 pod gauge
-Type R steering wheel emblem
-RedlineGoods Nappa Leather Shift Boot


-Sirius Satellite Radio
-Escort Redline
-AEM afr gauge
-Prosport analog boost gauge


-HID kit 6500K
-iJDMtoy direct fit interior lights
-OEM Fog lights


-Hondata FP - Tuned by Vit Viper


-S2 Black Edition oil cap
-P2R battery tie-down
-Commercial Grade back-up alarm
-Honda Civic Type-R Key Cover
-Hybrid Racing Radiator cap

Future Mods

-6500k HID fogs
-manifold ported
-Hybrid Racing K20Z3 Upper Coolant Neck Adapter
-Hybrid Racing Shifter Cables
-Hytech Z3 Oil Pan Baffle
-PW:JDM CF cooling plate
-PW:JDM CF fuse box cover
-PW: JDM LCA traction bearing
-Tein Mono Flex Coilover Kit
-Clutch Masters Stage 1
-Acura TL type - s front brake conversion
-Retro light conversion (high and low beams)
-E85 conversion

best run 187hp 136tq :thumb: (stock)

299/200 at IMW

Recent dyno - 290/202 (on mustang dyno)


Picking up the car at the dealer 2-19-2007 (old cellphone pic)

S/C Arrived after waiting 2 months! 9-22-2009

S/C getting installed (2009)

S/C on!!!!


New Wheel Color! BBS STi Gold


Go-PWR 3" exhaust 6-24-2012

GReddy Ti-C VS Go-PWR

Buddy Club vs PLM 8-15-2012

Boost By Gear 1-24-2013

Home Made Intake 5-25 to 6-1-2013

Gold is the same gold paint as my wheels

IMT inlet in gold

Fogs 7-5-2013

Parking Lights Mod

IMT Inlet 7-20-2013

Inlet with ZDX TB

Inlet and Phenolic Spacer


The 7 year update

July 8th '14 - aftercooler arrives!

July 15th - blower out for porting

July 18th '14 - HR shifter in

July 21st - Heat exchanger in

August 1st '14 - S/C comes back home from getting ported

August 3rd '14 - 2.945 pulley from IMT

August 5th '14 aftercooler install

3.2 vs 2.945

August 9th - At a local classic car show

New wheels! November 23rd '14

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where in md are u from? i live in harford county
how's your gas mileage with that thing strapped on? i've been considering it but since gas here is already 3.20 a gallon for premium i dont wanna be running at like 15mpg city or anything...
if you take it easy, its the same as stock. i can easily get 300 a tank. keep in mind its stage 1
Tune her! I wanna see the numbers you put down...

How does it compare to stock? I've been contemplating supercharger... But then again, being a college student = poor, so those plans are off the table for a bit.
i need 1000+ for a tune and i dont have that right now. hell people got away with the reflash for years and i can hold off for a while too.

with another 40 to 50, it really makes a difference
supercharged?? i'm loving it!

i'm going this way with a JR when my boss starts paying me more than 6.75 an hour. :cornmad:

are you using the dashhawk for boost and a/f? it looks pretty rad.

great looking build! can't wait for some ###############s!
joe now i wish that i would have taken the springs off of mine. i would have given them to you and the rear sway bar but i didnt think of that at the time. i was about to give the rear sway bar to eranestjohonson1 on here but he didnt feel like jacking the car up at all. damn now i feel like a dousch
Tune her! I wanna see the numbers you put down...

How does it compare to stock? I've been contemplating supercharger... But then again, being a college student = poor, so those plans are off the table for a bit.
its worth it. ask joe he saw my car way before he had his.. i wish he would have seen stage 2. stage 2 is way faster than stage 1.
damn and i have been talking about how my car is monster trucking.

the only reason i didnt go stage 2 was because i didnt have a race header. then getting fp and a decent tune, thats what, 5k total. 3500 was enough
true. but hey stage 2 is a beast you can modify the stock injectors thats what i did. can you have some down time with your car? if so i know someone that can do it. just text me and ill get ahold of him and tell him that i need some injectors modded and he will do them for me for maybe a price or free ill let you know. that saved me what 400 when i did stage 2. it was worth it
once i get a header and fp ill look into getting stage 2. but thats not going to be for a while
hey i understand.. i dont even drive my evo.. i borrow my parents cars till my money starts rolling in agian. im working at walgreens (happy harrys around here) and target. might be joining the arrmy next. i like being in the military. if i join though it will probably be reserves. i miss being in the air force. i dont miss little rock afb though. but your car is coming along good and it still looks good
Dude! That 2.0 emblem is hot! Where did you get it ?
Well Joe how is everything? How's the build going
Well Joe how is everything? How's the build going
Not too bad, this hot weather has been beating up pn me. I have enough for FP. I might be getting that soon. When is the evo coming out?
I traded the evo in. They break waytoo much. On evom.net they say if a evo tends to break a lot then that usually means the previous owners neglected it. I was the fourth owner of that car. The transmission started to leak. It costs about 1400
to tear down the transmission and I said the he'll
with it. I went to the dark side and got a
tc. My gf liked it so I got it. Planning on giving it to her ande
getting another Si or getting a bike. Not sure yet. Did I mention the drivetrain on an evo sucks!!! Was fun the time I had it and got to drive it but I dot need something that breaks every couple of months or every other time
I drive it
ouch, get a wrx, not the sti. the new ones are pretty nice
Yea they are. I really miss my Si. I might get another one
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