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oh nice man thats good though man at least your not spoiled and got it like that...and yeah man people prob think you are though because your ride...thats how it is with me but i mean WE'RE paying for it not our parents ya know?
if people think that my parents pay for eveything, more power to them. i know what i do and thats all that matters

at least you guys are working for your stuff.

But on the flipside, you are living with your parents aren't you? how much do they charge you in rent? How much of the utility bills do you have to pay? Food? you see where I'm going...

I could S/C my car in a month if I didn't have those bills....

But I still give you guys props cause when I was in HS, I wasn't where you are... sure my parents were providing all of the aforementioned things as well but I still wasn't working toward a nicer, better car like you guys are :thumb:
yeah, i still live with my parents. i cant afford rent around here. since they dont make me pay for food and other stuff. i do a lot to help around the house.
61 - 80 of 178 Posts
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