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Chrome is "rice"

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Why do most comments about chrome rims say they are "rice". Most all factory upgrades for rims are chrome for both import (Nissan, Mazda, and others) and domestic cars. I don't understand why a clean design chrome rim would make your car "rice". I am considering having my 17" HFP rims chromed. Without any crude remarks or jokes please explain. Thanks !!!
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ASA JH8 wheels have a 3 lb difference between chrome and black. 3 lbs/wheel on the part of the car that makes it move is huge.
chrome is ok. it depends on the execution.
Sorry !?!?!?

carlo_amacio...It's interesting your example of a "racer" in my opinion is totally wrong. It has at least 19" chrome wheels which as others have pointed out are to heavy and according to auto-x guys on this site 17" rims and tires are best for racing. Also, that rear spoiler height is not functional. Please don't take this wrong, but I consider that car "rice".
Did anyone mention Rays mirror finish wheels? Those are "chrome".
Could anyone else show me pictures of what they think makes an 8th Generation civic coupe (non Si or Si) a "Racer" or "Sporty". Thanks !!!
One or two pounds is NOT going to SLOW you down THAT much to where you even notice.
I hear you. Perhaps not 1lb, but 2 lbs you're going to notice if you're into handling at all. All the high-end sports cars build as much of the suspension and braking componentry with aluminum as they can to save a couple lbs in unsprung weight. It helps... If you doubt the concept, tape a CD to the end of a pencil and try spinning and waving it around from the opposite end. Then tape few pennies to the outside of the edge of the CD and try again, you'll see how the effort required to spin and wave it around changes.

That said, if you're building a car more for show than for go, then you can use chrome and not worry about.

Aside from all that, the biggest problem with chrome is the temptation to use too much. There's no doubt that chrom looks nice, but it should be an accent only.
Chrome on sport compact import tunners is hard to do...it rarely looks good...I've said this a million times leave chrome for trucks...The only other chrome wheels i've seen that look good are HRE or lowenharts on like a Benz or BMW....

Chrome is HOT!!!(Ok, its not really chrome :p)

These are for sale BTW!
Did anyone mention Rays mirror finish wheels? Those are "chrome".
^It's a sad day when you quote yourself on 8thcivic.com LOL!
j/k with you homie.
^It's a sad day when you quote yourself on 8thcivic.com LOL!
j/k with you homie.
I was just proving my point. :thumb:
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nothing wrong with polishing rims, we polished my brothers and they looked pimp, but the problem with polishing is that it takes a lot of upkeep where as chrome requires none at all, just rinse and wipe...

polished aluminum needs to be re-polished every few years.
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