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Ok so I own a 2010 Civix Ex 4dr, and ordered a Rear Window Visor/Roof Spoiler that did not fit well at all. And I'll admit, I cheaped out and bought a $50 Visor I found from a random seller on Ebay, who seemed to have great feedback.

The Spoiler when Dry fitted seemed to "almost" match up perfectly. One side would be perfectly placed and the other seemed off by maybe 1cm at most, however, to keep the side that was off by 1cm down flat it took a lot of strength to get the visor to curve perfectly with the glass.

I was happy with the placement during the dry fitment and assumed the 3M tape would be able to hold down the visor, so I peeled off both sides of the 3M tape that came already on the visor and began installing with my Father on a hot and sunny day. I also left the heat on in the car running to ensure the glass was nice and hot after already thoroughly cleaning the glass with rubbing alcohol before hand.

During installment, the first half of the visor went on great, but the Visor HAD to be forced down with almost all of my strength and it was obvious the 3M tape was not gonna be enough as half of the visor would constantly pop back off the glass.

My father suggested Heating the Visor in a quick back and forth motion with a Blowtorch. After about a minute of doing so, I could immediately tell the visor was Malleable/Pliable as I tested how well it bends before and after heating with blowtorch.

After all of that the Visor still will not bend easily enough to the curvature of the rear windshield for the 3M tape to hold it down, and it still took a lot of force/strength to hold down the Side of the visor that didn't want to bend to the curvature of the glass.

In summation, I assume this visor is just cheaply made and I got what I paid for..

Has anyone with a 2010 civic 4dr installed a Rear Window visor that was installed fairly easily, and seemed to bend perfectly with the curvature of your rear windshield. If so what Brand did you buy and from where?

And before I spend +$100, has anyone bought the Rear Visor from ProCivic.com and can vouche that their Visor fits very well or was your struggle similar to mine?
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