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So here it is. We have 2 dates set up. FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30TH, OR Saturday DECEMBER 1st. Now To make this more organized i need you to post If you can go, and WHAT DAY! The days depend on How many people can go, and if CIR gives us a price cut or what ever..eather way it will all have to be after 5ish cause the place opens at 4 anyways. So the info:

Any 8th Civic driver, Or if you have a different car you wanna bring. And some friends.
Chicago Indoor Racing
301 Hastings Dr
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
(847) 941-9400
Friday November 30th, OR Saturday December 1st.
To hang out, RACE(Must be 18+ to race), eat some food, play some pool. Play with each other :iorun:

Now PLEASE lets keep this organized..I need you to post if you CAN GO and WHAT DAY.

November 30th
  1. Skyline4life
  2. Slow_si
  3. Uranium980
  • Ray Ray
Nope Can't
  1. Civic_Sista
December 1st
  1. Skyline4life
  2. Slow_si
  3. azn_temptation
  4. Ray Ray
  5. VTECnical
  6. 07Fiji
Nope can't
  1. Civic_Sista

Remember we will prolly be going when the MOST people can go.

The meet is planed for TOMMAROW. I will be at the CIR parking lot around 5-5:15. same place we parked last time if the spots are open.

We will enter the building around 6:15-6:30 wait for everyone to get there. Please show up no later then 6:10ish don't want anyone to be left out =[ but i think Slow_si said he will not be racing and he'll be upstairs.
Oh and Ray, i'm calling you right when i get there ;)

If you want my Cell #. I will NOT be posting it on the forum. I have my AIM screen name on my forum profile, you can look me up, and get my # from my away message. Or you can PM me.
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