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sorry guys. didn't know there was an event in downtown sanger. lol

Pics came out nice, but parking garages are SO PLAYED OUT.
so are your smart alec comments, but thanks. :tap:

this isn't the photography thread, so it doesn't matter if you took photos at micky d's with your cell phone and posted them here. this thread was created so we can all share pics from our meets with others who weren't able to make it.

Bis, Thanks so much for the pics. I had so much fun. I took the pics of Marks and my Accord and posted them on driveaccord.net. :thumb:
no problem man. i had fun. it was great to meet you all.

thanks bis pics look good and parking garage was the only place we could go.... i like that pic of francis car and your 2 civic's on the side imagine me trying to park in that pic hahahaha
thanks! honestly, i don't think you would have made it... lol jk
1 - 20 of 485 Posts
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