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Well, I’d like to start by saying I had work done on my FG2. Reputable shop. Anyways take car back in shop after I got it back from clutch job and replacement of CMC, Slave, new flywheel Etc… noticed I had issues putting car into gear. And really bad grinding and locking me in 1st gear and reverse. Id have to shut the car off to get it out of gear when in reverse. A new clutch is tight but not this bad. After 3 months of googling and searching dead forums I finally got the issue down. This is for anyone having a similar issue as I couldn’t find much on the internet. The Clutch Bracket was snapped. I have some pics below. Now you may say “oh you can feel it” or “it makes a noise if it’s broken” nope. Not this time this was unknown until I replaced a Brake Light switch so sometimes it’s really is just like that! Hahah! Anyways here’s some photos of how bad and where to look if you’re having a similar issue. Hope it helps someone in 10 years or so. P.S. shop could not work on car as they were loaded with repairs for months and I’m a nurse who travels so it’s difficult to get free time to take it in.


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