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Car keeps dying out on me, need help

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Okay so i have a 09 civic si on cte blower, grams tb, skunk 2 cai, on 1000cc injectors
So my car runs but after driving for a little bit( no more than 20 minutes) it just dies, if i push the throttle i can hear my throttle body opening, powersteering is still on , but as soon as my rpms hit 1k thats when the engine shuts down. And then i would have to wait for a while to start her back up and repeat this process, if i try to start my car too early, it would crank but not start.

i put in a new alternator, battery, cleaned my grounds to my valve cover, trans, battery, fuel injectors, and fuel pump. I swapped out spark plugs as well.
I noticed that my fuel pressure dont last as long anymore, it would used to hold 70 psi for a while after i shut my car off but now it goes down super fast after i shut it down, could my fuel pump be the issue?? This is my current daily so some fast help would be greatly appreciated!
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I once had an old car, not a Honda, that - all of a sudden - would only run for 20 minutes, die, and then not start again for twenty minutes. Had to drive 300 miles like that. Turned out to be a bad engine control unit. The old heap ran fine after replacing it. The symptoms you describe seem similar.

Did you ever resolve this issue? If not, this thread may be of interest:
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