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Car keeps dying out on me, need help

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Okay so i have a 09 civic si on cte blower, grams tb, skunk 2 cai, on 1000cc injectors
So my car runs but after driving for a little bit( no more than 20 minutes) it just dies, if i push the throttle i can hear my throttle body opening, powersteering is still on , but as soon as my rpms hit 1k thats when the engine shuts down. And then i would have to wait for a while to start her back up and repeat this process, if i try to start my car too early, it would crank but not start.

i put in a new alternator, battery, cleaned my grounds to my valve cover, trans, battery, fuel injectors, and fuel pump. I swapped out spark plugs as well.
I noticed that my fuel pressure dont last as long anymore, it would used to hold 70 psi for a while after i shut my car off but now it goes down super fast after i shut it down, could my fuel pump be the issue?? This is my current daily so some fast help would be greatly appreciated!
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It could be a sensor like a cam or crank position sensor malfunctioning. I'd hookup your flashpro and see if you are getting any codes or take it for a drive and make sure you take a log and send it to the person who tuned your car and see if they can see anything in the log ya know..
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