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Car jerks during cold from P to D

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I own a 2006 Honda Civic 8th Gen 2.0s
I bought it 2nd hand and every time the car is cold it jerks when I shift from P to D/R
I also changed my ATF fluid last September.
Aside from that shifting/acceleration has no issues.
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Also when warming up the car 3-5 minutes the jerk lessens. If the temp doesnt reach 3 or 4 bars the jerk is hard.
8th gen Civic used the CVT in the Hybrid models only. OP states a 2.0 and is from the Philippines, as far as I've read, the 5 speed automatic was used as well. OP (mikkosilos), did your car come with a manual? If not, there may be a sticker under the hood stating what fluid to use. Anyway, I highly doubt the OPs 2006 Civic has a CVT.
My car is not a hybrid it doesnt come with CVT
Then use the ATF fluid (honda OEM fluid), did you check the ATF filter? Maybe it's clogged?
I already tried changing it sir last september 2022 when I first got the car.
Did you do a drain and fill or "flush"? If drain, how many times?

When you're changing gears, are you completely stopped? Try waiting a second after stopping before changing gears.
Drain and filled once. I am stopped when I change gears because its from Park to Drive/Reverse.

Would ATF Dialysis solve the problem? I want to hear options first because it doesnt come cheap.
The options other gave me is ATF dialysis, Shift solenoid and worse come to worse if transmission rebuild.
Just to let you know again that the jerk only happens during cold start from P to D/R.
No issues on shifting, accelerating, high speed.
You gotta drain and fill it 3-4 more times, that brings the fluid to be about 90% new.

Drain, fill, drive car. Rinse and repeat.
Oh okay that's ATF dialysis right?
Had a similar issue with an 08' Hybrid. Fix was new plugs and FI's... but IIRC, the plugs were the most noticeable difference.

How many miles on your 06'? When were the plugs changed last? Iridium plugs? ...should be replaced before 100k miles expires on the current plugs, IMPO.
The vehicle is currently at 88,000 KM. I don't know if its tampered or not.
Man, this may sound silly, but have you checked your engine and transmission mounts?
I haven't. This is also one of the things people suggests. I just got back from my country haven't had the time to really check the car. I appreciate all your opinions and will check it now. Thanks!
So im not going to consider transmission rebuild yet? Rebuild is really expensive.
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