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Car jerks during cold from P to D

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I own a 2006 Honda Civic 8th Gen 2.0s
I bought it 2nd hand and every time the car is cold it jerks when I shift from P to D/R
I also changed my ATF fluid last September.
Aside from that shifting/acceleration has no issues.
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Had a similar issue with an 08' Hybrid. Fix was new plugs and FI's... but IIRC, the plugs were the most noticeable difference.

How many miles on your 06'? When were the plugs changed last? Iridium plugs? ...should be replaced before 100k miles expires on the current plugs, IMPO.
54k miles? On an 06'? Wow. Are you sure this is the original mileage?

At this point I would suggest you pull all the coil packs, (one at a time) and check for any burn marks around the base. If so, replace. here are the I have 3 that were replaced @ 193k miles. The other 8, on a Hybrid (2 plugs per cyl), looked good, no white synge marks.

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