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Car jerks during cold from P to D

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I own a 2006 Honda Civic 8th Gen 2.0s
I bought it 2nd hand and every time the car is cold it jerks when I shift from P to D/R
I also changed my ATF fluid last September.
Aside from that shifting/acceleration has no issues.
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8th gen Civic used the CVT in the Hybrid models only. OP states a 2.0 and is from the Philippines, as far as I've read, the 5 speed automatic was used as well. OP (mikkosilos), did your car come with a manual? If not, there may be a sticker under the hood stating what fluid to use. Anyway, I highly doubt the OPs 2006 Civic has a CVT.
My car is not a hybrid it doesnt come with CVT
Then use the ATF fluid (honda OEM fluid), did you check the ATF filter? Maybe it's clogged?
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