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" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen >Started this build thread as a good way to 1. Keep track of everything I'm doing mechanically to this car and 2. To share with the community another built K24 Frankenstein in N.California.

Basically the thread starts at the swap of the motor, no one wants to see pictures of rims in boxes or suspension junk (I'm not Herra Frush) you all want the good stuff:woowoo:.

Oh hello K20 losing a couple layers their I see.:hitit:

Couple more odd and ends gone ready to drop!

Finally its out!!:corona:

"What do they plan on racing with Hopes and Dreams?"

Freshly honed and very clean. Everything was replaced or swapped out.

Manifold back on getting close to finished!

Stage 3 Clutch in, grabs so hard but still feels like stock to some degree.

The finished product back on the sub-frame ready to go back in!

Up, Up and Away! It gonna be a tight fit the K24 sits 19mm higher and thats a lot.

Ughh finally in.:clapping: A lot of work but its worth it.

UPDATE(9/25/11) Dyno sheet. This dyno read about 8% low so add that percentage to the numbers and you get my actual wheel horsepower and torque.
Update(9/26/11) Decided on buying Skunk2 Stage 3's for the moment.
UPDATE Skunk2 stage 3 cams and Hybrid Racing TCT in.

Motor out finally ready to be finished.

Valve cover off! Hello OEM cams :hay bunny:

OEM springs and retainers

Skunk2 ValveTrain :vtec:

Difference between OEM and Skunk2 cams lobes on the S2's are HUGE.

Little bit of Product placement, I'm not complaining though.

OEM TCT vs. Hybrid Racing TCT

S2's in bolted down and fully torqued.:dance:

Couple scenery shots.

All reassembled!

Up,Up,and away!

Home Safe tuned and running perfectly!
K24a4 Core
K20z3 Head
Drag Cartel Stage 004.5
Hybrid Racing TCT
Wiseco Pistons 12.5:1 Compression (Cryo-Treated)
Blue Print Pro I-Beam Rods(Cryo-Treated)
RSX Type-S Bearings
Full Cylinder Hone and Polish
DeatschWerks 800cc Injectors
Skunk2 Megapower Header
Injen CAI
Greddy Ti-C
K24 Timing Chain and Guides
Tuned by Daniel from Church Automotive and build credit goes to Jose (k24ftw)
I'm probably forgetting stuff I'll keep updating this thread with new information and updates.

UPDATE Got an opportunity to upgrade to Drag Cartel Stage 004.5's and will be selling my mint Skunk2 Stage 3's.

UPDATE Videos of idle and cold start are up!

]Fully Built K24 w/ Drag Cartel Stage 004.5's - YouTube

]Warm Idle Drag Cartel Cams - YouTube

Cruising Videos.
Drag Cartel Stage 004.5 Low speed cruising. - YouTube

Drag Cartel Stage 004.5 Highway cruising. - YouTube

Update 5/9/2012
Custom 3 Inch Intake finished.

J35 TB arrived

UPDATE bringing this thread back from the Dead all of the future updates will be on new pages in the Thread so the first post will be the Index.

1/21/13 Skunk2 Stage 3 post #437

7/20/13 Added Koni's (highly recommend them!)

UPDATE (11/8/13)
New J37 Throttle Body added along with ported RRC.
Also ordered custom gears from AF Honda.
Feel free to ask any questions about the build and its process thanks for looking!
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