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Do all aftermarket camshafts out for the rsx-s work for the 06 si? On clubrsx there all crower cams that say fit any k20 head. Stage 2 says 50+ HP with built type s with ecu for stock type-s. What specifically makes a type-s "built"? Is it just valve springs and retainers or what else? What kind of benefits power wise do you think just stage 1 would make? Stage 1 says 35+ hp with ecu for stock type-s. What about other cams that are made for the type-s such as Toda. Are crower the only ones that would work with the si since they say any k20 head?
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If Im not mistaken, I belive are motors are a bit different then the ones in the type S. I think we have the k20b motor while the type S has the k20a? Not 100% sure though.
fa1 said:
Base Rsx - K20a3
Rsx S - K20a2 (2002-2004)
Rsx S - k20z1 (2005-2006)
Civic Si - k20z3 (2006)

No the cams from the rsx won't work in the si head. The si head is the same as the tsx head (k24a2) but the intake cam in the si is unique in its own. Only the exhaust cam from the tsx head matches the si head. Whoever told you that all k20's can have the same cams are bs'ing as its not the head that determines the displacement of the motor but the block.
Thanks for clearing that up, good info :thumb:
htec17 said:
yes aftermarket cam do work tsx,rsx,and 06 si. this three head use the same vtec setup
Where did you get your information from?
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