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Do all aftermarket camshafts out for the rsx-s work for the 06 si? On clubrsx there all crower cams that say fit any k20 head. Stage 2 says 50+ HP with built type s with ecu for stock type-s. What specifically makes a type-s "built"? Is it just valve springs and retainers or what else? What kind of benefits power wise do you think just stage 1 would make? Stage 1 says 35+ hp with ecu for stock type-s. What about other cams that are made for the type-s such as Toda. Are crower the only ones that would work with the si since they say any k20 head?
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just because the cams are ground different for stock reasons does not mean that aftermarket type-s cams wont fit in our head. the differences between the heads on the si and the type-s have nothing to do with cams but rather flow. the type-s head has a better low end while the si head is optimized for high rpms. the dimensions of the cams in the engines are all the same, the only difference is how aggressive the cam lobes are. take a type-s cam and si cam and place them next to eacherother. you will see that both are the same length and diameter where the cam journals bolt to the head. so if they are the same dimensions, than why do you think it can't be swapped. sure you may not get the same power you may out of an aftermarket si cam vs. aftermarket type-s cam but that does not mean it can't be done.
id like to kno as well including any info on tuning the cams
yea i just read some posts on ToV about it. trapping 103mph, shows some promise but is not too spectacular. That trap speed is somewhere around 14.1-13.8 if im not mistaken. hasnt someone on here hit 14.1 with just i/h/e drag radials and power shifting? i think ill be waiting for a more aggressive cam setup and a k-pro or s200.
sickyute said:
don't expect the aftermarket to make other cams for the Si because the engine has a different code(z3)...it will probably be all the same.
Im not arguing that. your right. the physical dimensions of any 4 cylinder i-vtec cam will be the same. i was mearly stating i will wait to see what happens with more aggressive cam lobes.

i guess i was just expecting a little more from the 1/4.. drive it like ya stole it.. ya know?
yea what hondata meant about DBW is that they will not be messing with the delay between throttle lift and when the engine actually cuts out. Fuel control will happen after they get past the coding and closed loop bs in our ecu. patience is a great virtue. already i am patting myself on the back for not purchasing the DCRH after hearing that ToV says its not flowing to the full potential of the motor.
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