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Any experience in cams? What’s the best cams I can get for mine?
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Cams will only give you a little more power. A good header will make 3x more power on a 2.0. They (Stage 2's) were my last mod, and wouldn't get more than about 5whp/6wtq, no matter how much timing was pushed on the dyno.
My ASP 4-1 header...+20whp & +10wtq on the 1st pull.

Only by going to a built K24 block, w/a higher compression ratio, will you see worth while gains...and run Stage 3 or 4 cams.

Around 280whp & 220wtq depending on dyno, engine, and octane fuel.
(Seen 320whp on E85...and more, with race fuel, head porting, larger valves, etc...)

I'd also highly recommend a sleeved block, with forged internals, because pistons wandering around at 8000rpm is why so many engines blow up. Especially with a longer stroke.

This is the expensive way, but safer, and built for reliability and longevity.

Go to K Mod or a company that can build it, or just sell the parts, like just a CRV K24 block.

Happy tuning....
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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