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Cams, Valve train, Injectors

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Cams, valvetrain and injectors just installed. Beginning new tune with Vit. I can already notice a huge difference without WOT or high rpm driving. Sounds deeper, meaner. Throttle feels twice as free as before, with just bolt-ons. When the tune is complete this thing will be all motor sick. Get more parts!
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2-year project so far...

Exedy stage-1 organic clutch
Exedy lightweight flywheel
Innovative 75a engine mounts
Hasport 62a rear engine mount
Koyo HP radiator with Mugen 1.3 cap
Mishimoto radiator hoses
Honda RRC intake manifold
Hondata IM gasket
Rick Spec'd Intensity SRI
Honda J35 TB
BuddyClub race header
Skunk2 76mm RR exhaust
Unorthodox Racing lightweight pulley set
Drag Cartel stage-1 cams
Hybrid Racing timing chain tensioner
Mugen head gasket
Denso RDX 410cc fuel injectors
K-Tuned fuel rail
Brian Crower valve springs, retainers
ARP head studs
Hondata Flashpro + Vittune x3

$7,500 + or -
ive been working on my 2007 honda civic si and i pretty much have the same build as yours but just different brand parts. im undecided on an aftermarket timing chain tensioner. i bought a brand new oem one but ive been reading that an aftermarket one might be necessary. what made you go with the hybrid tct???
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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