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Cam help please help me.

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I'm putting skunk2 stage 2 cams in a 08 civic si sedan. Other mods include skunk2 pro series intake manifold, zdx 80mm throttle bottle, rdx injectors, hybrid racing intake, skunk2 valve springs and retainers, skunk2 valve stem seals, skunk2 spring bases, alpha series header and 265lph fuel pump. Question I have is skunk2 said to use stock timing chain tensioner, can I used it or should I use it or buy the ktuned one? Please help. Car is already apart and work has started.
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Unless you are definitely going to get a K24 short block sell the Pro S intake manifold.

If you already have the ZDX port match your RBC and run them.

If you already have the valvetrain see if you can sell it and invest in Supertech, Ferrea, or IRL springs. Supertech $300, Ferrea $600, IRL $800.

If you want to feel safe get an Inline Pro TCT...it's upgraded OEM. Or stay with your stock unit.

Cams with fast ramp rates and lobe designs will still break the tensioner's teeth, but the spring will save your engine.
Unless your running a relatively safe cam like DIC's or DC 2.2's, always keep an ear out on startup.

Lastly, you don't need a new pump. (Unless getting that K24 block and running E85)

Never let a manufacturer pick out your parts.
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I have all the parts already. valve train is in already. Was told by a rep at skunk2 that supertech makes their valve springs.

What would be the difference between the port matched rbc and thr pro s.

I'll look into the in-line pro tct.

I did the research and also spoke with an experienced honda builder on parts to purchase and some of the parts I bought were recommended by him.

Thought about the k24 block still up in the air about it.
I'm planning a k24 can't wait just picked my car up and finished my race car going to have fun with thing.
Going with the stock one talked to skunk2 and the stock one is fine
Going with the stock one talked to skunk2 and the stock one is fine
Good, a little FYI Make sure you preload the TCT 1-2 clicks then hand turn the crank and check for chain slap. Then part throttle tune shouldn't be aggressive to limit TCT failure as seen on this link:


Then Enjoy!
Thanks man. Car is actually getting tuned by import dps in Philly. Loading car on a trailer and bringing it down there
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