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Custom 7.0 L aluminum C5R block
Callies forged steel 4340 crankshaft
JE Forged aluminum pistons
Manley fully machined 4340 forged steel connecting rods
CNC Porting and polishing of LS2 cylinder heads
Stainless steel one piece heavy duty intake valves
Inconel one piece heavy duty exhaust valves
Lingenfelter designed custom hydraulic roller camshaft
High performance valve springs & lightweight retainers
Three angle valve job, checking of spring tensions & heights
Computer balanced rotating assembly
Reassembly and blueprinting of engine
Properly sized fuel injectors and high capacity fuel system
Two Garrett true ball bearing turbochargers - liquid cooled and engine oil lubricated
Two high efficiency liquid to air chargecoolers
High efficiency liquid to air heat exchanger, coolant tank and pump assembly
304 Stainless steel 4 into 1 custom exhaust manifolds & turbo outlets
Turbocharger scavenge pump & turbo oil drain reservoir
Custom molded silicone air ducts
Two K&N 360 degree conical air filters
Stainless steel / ceramic heat shields & stainless clamps
Professional installation, testing and tuning
Port matched LS2 intake manifold
Ported and polished throttle body
Corsa 304 stainless steel exhaust system - with two 4″ pro series tips
Rear mounted battery system
Gaskets and fasteners
Chassis dyno report
Lingenfelter 2 year/24,000 mile warranty
2005 Corvette package prices

Manual transmission package - $52,995.00
Automatic transmission upgrade - $2,995.00
Normal installation time required: 6 weeks with prior notification.

thank u shemmy for the link.

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Thats pretty awesome. id like to see how my 2000 Ford lighting with 958 hp at the wheels would do against that beast. (im pretty sure the vette would win)
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