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I have yet to see a ct-e supercharged 8th gen with nitrous on the forum so I figured I would post mine up. Car is running the stock K20z3 that came with the car. I pulled it out back in the summer of 2015 to build the bottom and top end of the car. Transmission is currently stock, I had initially upgraded the stock trans with hardened sleeves and snychrotech synchronizes, I ended up blowing 2nd gear. It currently is running a stock, Z3 trans from a 2010 with 50,000 miles. When I initially built the car, the plan was to see how far the car would go with the ct-e kit. It has been fun, the last e-dyno I did was 390+ hp. I recently got the itch for more power and decided to throw a nitrous kit on it. When I first built and tuned the car with Vitviper, I was running DW 1300 cc injectors. They were horrible, so I recently upgraded to the DW EV14 1200's and am in the middle of a retune. Once we finish the retune, I will be tuning the nitrous again. I still have not settled on what jets I will use, part of me wants to go 500 plus, but the sensible side has wondering if it is worth another transmission. Let me know what you guys think!

Top end:

Supertech dual valve springs (92 lb)
Ferrea Bronze guides
Nitride valves
ARP Head Studs
Cometic Gasket
Stock Z3 cams

Bottom End:

Wiseco 11.7:1 Forged Pistons
Manley H-beam rods
ARP 2000 rod bolts
Stock crank, lightened and balanced to 10,000 rpm

Supporting Mods:

Skunk 2 Alpha Header
Skunk 2 Mega Power R 70mm exhaust
Skunk 2 3" CAI
J37 TB
Vittuned Aftercooler
Vittuned Big Bore inlet
Boomba Motor Mounts
10th Gen Si Crank Pulley
2.95 Blower Pulley
Ported Manifold/ CT-E Blower

Fuel Mods:

Tuned on E85
Full Return System -6 feed, -6 return
Aeromotive Regulator
DW EV14 1200 cc injectors
Boomba Fuel Rail
Aeromotive 340 LPH Stealth Pump
Hardwired Pump 10 gauge power and ground
12 gauge wire in-tank

Nitrous Kit:

Maximizer 4 Progressive Controller
Nitrous Express Proton Kit
NOS Bottle Warmer


MD Racing Standalone Lean Protection



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Yes, I did take it to the track last year, we went to IFO. I sat in line like all day at test and tune and got to do one run. I ended up jumping the light so I got no time slip :-( I do plan to get it back out. I am currently working on two tunes right now, a cal with and without nitrous. I have raced a bunch of cars around my area though.. down, south of the border or course. Car is a lot of fun, can't wait to feel this nitrous, gonna be a whole new beast. Just a little worried about the transmission. They are super weak considering how little torque our cars make, even when boosted.
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