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My next mod that I want to do is suspension. I'm really on the fence between the BC N+ and HFP.

1. What is it that I want to accomplish? I obviously want better handling + a nice looking ride. This is my daily driver and I do some spirited driving. Maybe next year when spring/summer rolls around again, i'll take it to the auto race track if I can find one around me (07650).

2. The reason that I am leaning towards the HFP is because it was specifically made for our cars. The only reason why I'm leaning away from it is because it's only .8 inch of a drop and the $600 price tag. The reason I am leaning towards BC N+ is because the height and softness is fully adjustable. Also because it is only a few hundred more than the HFP.

Now in regards to camber kits, if I did decide to go with the BC N+ and drop it 1.5", I would need a camber kit. But what if I wanted to raise the car back up to stock height? Would I have to keep readjusting the camber kit every time I lower it 1.5" and raise it 1.5" (winter time)?

I need some updated and new opinions. I'll continue reading the old posts until something new pops up at me.

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